Health: Not only the expiry date, keep these things in mind while buying medicines, know here...


Often we are negligent while buying medicines from medical stores, which can prove to be dangerous at times. While taking medicine, we see its expiry date and price but ignore many important things, which can become the reason for big health problems. That is why it is important to take some precautions, so that the medicines give you relief from the disease, and do not become the cause of your health problems.


Know the meaning of the mark on the wrapper of the medicine
The marks on the wrapper of the medicine give much important information about the medicine and tell whether those medicines are intoxicating or not. Let us know about some such marks made on the wrapper of the medicine, so that the next time you go to buy medicine, look at these marks, understand its meaning and only then buy that medicine.

XRx mark: Medicines commonly used in the treatment of mental disorders have XRx written on them. These drugs are addictive. Keep in mind that no medical store can sell these medicines without a prescription. Also, on selling the medicine, he has to keep a copy of the prescription for two years. Therefore, if your chemist hands you any medicine with this mark, then be careful.

Mark of NRx: These drugs are used in the treatment of depression, anxiety or to overcome any bad addiction. These medicines cannot be taken without a doctor's advice nor can they be sold without a prescription. So avoid such medicines also.


Rx mark: These medicines should also be taken only after consulting the doctor. Although these are common medicines, taking this medicine without medical advice can be dangerous.

Red line: The red line on the wrapper means that the medicines with a red stripe should also be taken with the advice of the doctor. Usually, this bandage is on antibiotics. Make sure to consult your doctor before buying them.