Health: Know why it is necessary to change the pillow cover every week, how is it beneficial for the skin?


What do we do for beautiful and glowing skin? Various types of expensive products, homemade pastes and face masks are used. However, many times the skin problems do not go away. But it is also possible that you are missing something which should be given maximum attention. Cosmetologist and skincare expert Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta has shared a post on her Instagram, in which she emphasized making some changes related to cleanliness for skin care. He has also cited pillows as one of the reasons for the emergence of skin-related problems. Yes...Pillow, on the cleaning of which people often pay less attention.

Geetika Mittal says that pillow covers should be changed every week. In his Instagram post, he said that when you start changing the pillow cover every week, you will see a different change in your skin. If you are not aware of this skin hack, then there is every possibility that you are sleeping with dead skin cells and bacteria every day. Skincare experts say that changing your pillow cover once a week is good for your skin.

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Geetika has also shown a diagram in the post. In this diagram, he has shown how the pillow cover can contain many harmful substances like dust particles, dirt, oil, pet hair, dead skin, and bacteria. All these can lead to skin breakouts, even if you follow a proper skincare routine. He also emphasized how using silk pillowcases can improve the skin. Even its use can help in hair health.

Silk bed sheet is better
According to the report of Healthline, a clinical study conducted in the US states that the problem of pimples was found less in people using silk bedsheets as compared to those using cotton bedsheets. It has also been said in the study that this is also because silk is soft and smooth for the skin as compared to other fabrics. Also, it absorbs less oil from our faces instead of cotton.