Health: Know what is the effect of cigarette smoke on the body, important information


Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. They do not care about the picture or the words written on the box to the cigarette smokers. It has a bad effect on the whole body from our mouth. As soon as the cigarette is lit, its harm effect starts on the body. Cigarettes can cause many types of cancer like mouth to stomach, liver, throat. Today we are going to tell you in this article that what is the effect of smoking cigarettes on the body.


Effect of cigarette smoking on the mouth
When you light a cigarette, the smoke of both matches or lighter and cigarette together can damage the outer lining of the nose.
The heat of cigarettes also has a bad effect on the skin of the mouth, face and nose. The lips are dark and wrinkles start appearing on the face.
When cigarette smoke enters the mouth, it accumulates on the enamel of the teeth and makes them yellow.
Cigarette smoke and heat also damage the delicate skin inside the mouth. Tar accumulates in the cavity between the teeth.
The tar in cigarette smoke blocks the glands of your test buds and saliva. Due to which the production of saliva in the mouth decreases and the mouth starts drying.
Tar and chemicals start to accumulate in the tube connecting the mouth and nose, due to which problems in breathing start.
- Smoking kills the good bacteria of the mouth and starts to smell from the mouth.
Cigarette smoke and heat also make the gums black. Gum cancer can happen.
Due to the accumulation of tar and chemicals in cigarette smoke in the nasal canal, the ability to smell also weakens.

Effect of cigarette on throat
Cigarette smoke damages the thin membrane in the throat. This can lead to dryness, and irritation.
Chemicals called formaldehyde and acrolein present in cigarette smoke cause throat infection and cancer.
The chemicals present in cigarette smoke damage the vocal card, which has a bad effect on the voice. Throat cancer can also occur.

Effect of cigarette on wind pipe
Cigarette smoke damages the organs in the windpipe. This can cause a problem called cough and laryngitis.


Effect of cigarette on the food pipe
The chemicals present in cigarette smoke damage the muscles of the food pipe. This causes stomach acid to reach the throat and cause irritation.