Health: Keep these things in mind in summer, stay fit and healthy


The months of March are on and the heat of the sun has already started bothering. The temperature is increasing so much that people are forced to run coolers and ACs even before the month of April arrives. In these days of summer, people need to take great care of their health because a little carelessness can spoil your health. In summer, people often fall prey to diseases like food poisoning, lack of water, gastroenteritis, urinary tract infections. So we should prepare ourselves for summer now. So today in this episode we are going to give you information about some such things which can be taken care of to keep yourself fit and healthy during the summer days. So let's know about it...


Reduce the amount of hot things in food
In winter, we consume hot things to keep the body warm and to boost immunity. Such as hot spices, herbs and decoctions etc. But these things are not beneficial for summer. This will increase the temperature of your body and may increase the burning sensation and heat in the body. So, so from now on reduce the amount of consumption of these things and stop in a few days. Otherwise, you may have burning sensation in hands and stomach related problems.

Drink plenty of water
In summer, the body sweats more. In such a situation, due to lack of water, you can become a victim of dehydration. Due to dehydration, you can have problems like dizziness, fatigue, headache. It is important that you drink water throughout the day. Keep fluid intake equal. Consume coconut water, lemonade, buttermilk, lassi, juice in it. All these liquids will not allow lack of water in the body and you will get plenty of energy.

Eat Regular, But Light
Due to excessive heat, there is no appetite. But it is important for you to eat regularly, as your body needs nutrients to fight the heat and keep you healthy. In summer, you can take the help of green vegetables to eat light, like cucumber, cucumber, gourd etc. Avoid consuming things like eggs, meat in summer.

Don't eat oily-spicy food
The most important thing in summer is to eat healthy, nutrition and simple home cooked food. Digestion can be worsened by the consumption of more oily-spicy things. Make sure to eat green vegetables and fruits available in this season. Consume cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumber, cucumber, mango etc. Add light oil, spices to the food. To avoid heat, dehydration, drink mango panna, sattu, bael syrup, buttermilk, lassi.

Do exercise daily
Some people stop exercising to escape the heat. Don't do that. In the morning when the cold winds blow, then go to the park, garden or terrace and do yoga, meditation. Do light exercises so that the energy level remains in the body. Sometimes one feels lethargic in summer. If you exercise, then laziness, fatigue, low energy level will go away. Avoid walking, jogging, cycling in strong sunlight.


Stop eating stale things
In winter, we eat the remaining food of 1 day on the second day also. We are not afraid to eat stale things. But, now that the weather is slowly warming up, you should avoid these habits. Actually, with the arrival of summer, consuming stale things can make you a victim of infectious diseases. Along with this, you can also have many other problems such as stomach upset, stomach infection or food poisoning can occur.