Health: Is it right or wrong to clean earwax with cotton buds? Know what is the right way...??


There are some very sensitive organs in our body, one of which is the ear. A wax-like substance naturally comes out in our ears, which is also called earwax or earwax. We should take special care in cleaning the ear because a little mistake can put us in big trouble. Some people use cotton buds to clean the earwax, while some people try other home remedies.


  • First of all, understand what is earwax and whether is it beneficial or harmful for our ears.
  • There is a special type of gland in the ear canal of the inner part of the ear, which produces a wax-like substance ie earwax. Earwax is beneficial for our ears.
  • It helps to keep the ear clean and healthy
  • Earwax protects the ear from dust and water. Also, it protects the soft screen of the ear from getting damaged.

Earwax starts proving bad for the ear when it starts to build up in excess. Due to the formation of excess earwax or dirt in the ear, pain in the ear or the ability to hear becomes weak. You must have often seen people use cotton buds to clean earwax. But, do you know whether it is right or wrong to use cotton buds? If not, then learn about this today. Mentalfloss report says that earwax gets removed on its own with time. So there is no need to remove it again and again. You must have noticed that sometimes suddenly dirt comes out of the ear or falls out. This is because when we are chewing something, its effect reaches the ears and due to this the dried dirt comes out. The problem becomes when a large amount of dirt starts collecting inside the ears. Gradually it starts drying up. Due to this, the blockage in the ear and the ability to hear ends.

Use of cotton buds is right or wrong
People use matchsticks, fingers or cotton buds to clean the earwax, which can directly harm the ear. After reading this, the question will come to your mind that cotton buds are used for cleaning, then what is the harm from it? Experts say that by using cotton buds many times the scum reaches deep into the ear. Due to this, the bacteria present in the scum also reach inside the ear, due to which ear pain and other problems start.


What is the right way?
Eardrops are the best option for cleaning earwax. The medicine present in the eardrops makes the ear wax so moist that it slowly comes out on its own. Eardrops contain things like hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate or sodium chloride which moisten the earwax. On the other hand, you can also use drops of olive and almond oil to moisten the earwax. However, it is advised that before doing anything like this, you must meet your doctor once or take his opinion.