Health: If you do not fall sick in summer, then start eating these things from today itself.


Winter season is about to go and summer is about to start. This change of weather has a great effect on the body. According to experts, as soon as summer starts, many problems surround. In such a situation, full care has to be taken about the food and drink. The food should be like this, then take out the heat of the body and cool it. Apart from this, maintain good health too. Experts say that the risk of food poisoning is high in summer, so the food in this season should be such that it does not harm health. In such a situation, before the summer comes completely, you should start doing your diet according to the season. So let's know which things you should start consuming in this season...


Cucumber has naturally occurring water content. It can prove to be helpful in maintaining the water level in the body which removes dehydration. Also, there is a lot of fiber in cucumber. Eating cucumber in summer helps in keeping constipation away.

Yogurt is not only tasty to eat, it also cools the body. You can also take curd in different ways. You can drink it by making buttermilk or sweet lassi. You can also eat it by making raita. It can also be consumed by mixing curd with seasonal fruits or by making a smoothie. Consumption of curd does not cause heatstroke and the lack of water in the body remains complete because 85% water is present in it.

Coconut water
Coconut water is the best option to prepare the body for summer. Coconut water maintains the level of water in the body, it contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It cools the stomach and the nutrients found in it help in fighting the hot weather. According to the study, drinking coconut water regularly also prevents cancer. Apart from this, it is also very effective in strengthening body immunity and keeping us safe from diseases. Apart from this, if you are troubled by your increased weight, then consume coconut water, it will benefit you a lot.


Mint is easily available anywhere. You can eat it by mixing it with curd, buttermilk or raita. You can also consume it by making mint chutney. Mint is also used to avoid heatstroke in summer. After drinking its juice, the fear of getting sunburns is also less. Mint is also used in case of cholera. In case of cholera, drinking mint, onion juice, lemon juice mixed in equal quantity will be beneficial.