Health: If the body is burning with fever, do this work immediately, you will get relief


In the changing mood of the weather, there is often a fear of worsening of health, due to which many times one has to face the pain of fever. Especially in this changing season, children get fever early and the body starts heating up. Although if the fever is mild, relief is also available without medicines, but if the condition worsens, one should definitely contact the doctor. Today in this episode, we are going to give you information about some such methods, with the help of which you can get relief in fever while reducing the heat of the body. So let's know about these methods...


Drink plenty of fluids
During fever it is necessary to drink more water to reduce the increased body temperature. Not drinking water can lead to dehydration. For this, you can consume fruit juice, different types of tea, decoction etc.

It takes a lot of energy for the body to fight infection. Patients with fever should take as much rest as possible to reduce body temperature and recover quickly.

Try to sponge
Evaporation also has a cooling effect on body temperature. If you can't take a shower, sponge your body with cool water to bring down the temperature. Pay more attention to the armpits, forehead and neck area. Sponge one part at a time and keep the rest of the body covered.

Take a warm bath
Many people consider taking a cold shower when they have a fever. However, doing so can increase shivering, which can increase the body temperature even more. You should take a warm bath to bring down the temperature. Taking a bath can help soothe tired muscles.

Wear light clothes
Often people wear a lot of thick clothes when they have a fever, by doing this the fever can increase further. Wearing too much or too thick clothing can trap heat against the body, which can further increase body temperature.


Can suck ice
If you feel nauseous from drinking water or other fluids, you can suck on ice instead. Instead of plain water, store diluted fruit juice in your ice-cube tray and sip on it every once in a while.