Health: If mosquitoes bite you every time, then these 4 reasons can be there, know about them...


Mosquito Target: If you think that mosquitoes bite you everywhere or keep following you, then you are not wrong at all. Mosquitoes eat you, especially in crowds of people and there are many reasons behind this, not your reason. Studies tell what are the reasons behind the most bites of mosquitoes which may surprise you. However, here it is not a matter of sweet or bitter blood but many different things. So let's know the real reason for this.


Why do mosquitoes bite some people more?
Blood type

Many studies say that more mosquitoes bite blood type O. Mosquitoes have been mostly seen getting attracted to this blood group. At the same time, the metabolic rate also affects the choice of mosquitoes. Pregnant women and obese people have a higher metabolic rate, due to which mosquitoes bite them more.

Sweat and smell
Mosquitoes can smell everything. They also identify lactic acid, ammonia, and other compounds that are released from the body through sweat. If mosquitoes like the smell coming from your body, then they can bite you more.

The bacteria present on the skin is an invitation for mosquitoes. Many research says that the more bacteria on a person's body, the more mosquitoes will come like him. Because of this, mosquitoes mostly bite on the feet because bacteria are seen more there.


Carbon dioxide is a gas that mosquitoes recognize. Along with this, mosquitoes recognize their target even from 5 to 15 meters away. The longer people breathe, that is, they produce carbon dioxide, the more mosquitoes are attracted to them.