Health: Have a hobby of drinking soda in summer, be careful, you will forget to drink


With the onset of summer, people who are fond of drinking soda find an excuse to drink more soda. Soda looks like water, but to what extent it can be dangerous for humans, it cannot be estimated. We are going to tell you such things, knowing that you will definitely stop consuming soda.


- A single can of soda is equal to 10 teaspoons of sugar, so much sugar and that too especially in liquid form increases blood sugar and also increases the risk of insulin in the body.

-Not only does it cause tooth decay, but the high amount of refined sugar in it works to increase obesity by increasing the amount of calories.

-Not only soda, but the bottle or can in which drinking soda is available in the market is also harmful. They contain the toxic chemical bisphenol, which causes many types of health problems.

-If you like to take diet soda in the greed of reducing calories, then know that it also has a bad effect on your kidney function.

-Getting into the habit of drinking soda is even more dangerous. Consuming drinking soda every day increases your risk of diabetes by 25 percent.

-To burn 20 ounces of soda i.e. 240 calories, you need to walk for about 1 hour every time you drink soda.


-The phosphoric acid found in soda steals the calcium present in your bones. Not only this, it also reduces the density of bones.

-Daily consumption of soda is very effective in altering your metabolism and it becomes very difficult to lose weight.

-Excessive or excessive consumption of soda affects the asthma and respiratory system, which increases the chances of other respiratory diseases.

-Drinking soda increases the chances of heart problems. For people who already have heart problems, it can prove to be even more dangerous.