Health: From weight loss to get rid of pimples, this fruit is beneficial in many things, start consuming it from today itself!


It is very important to take a proper diet for a healthy body and life. It is necessary to have the proper amount of lentils, rice, pulses, fruits, and liquids in our diet. When we take a healthy and proper diet. Regular exercise keeps your weight under control and weight control means good health. Ramphal is one such fruit. There are many benefits of including this fruit in the diet.

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar told about the benefits of this fruit and that Ramphal is considered a hyper-local fruit. Including this fruit in the diet can help in improving the absorption of micronutrients in the body. In a post on social media, Rijuta Diwekar has given information about Ramphal and its many health benefits.


Beneficial for diabetics

Ramphal has minerals and blood sugar-lowering properties. Therefore, it is a suitable fruit for pre-diabetics and diabetes. Along with this, this fruit also has anti-carcinogenic properties.

Increases immunity

You must have Ramphal to avoid seasonal diseases. Vitamin A will boost immunity and B vitamins will help reduce inflammation in the body.

Great for hair and skin

Ramphal is an excellent remedy for frizzy hair, acne scars, and weak joints. Let its nutrients, especially free radical-fighting vitamin C, help you out.


Beneficial for acne and pimples on the face

If your age is more than 30 then after this age pimples start appearing on your face again. But Ramphal is a very beneficial fruit for this work. It brings back the lost shine of your hair.

Beneficial for weight loss

Ramphal is also very good for weight loss. This diet starts reducing body fat and helps in weight loss.

Support of this fruit to small farmers

Not only is this fruit beneficial for our health, but at the same time, Rijuta also said that this fruit sustains small farmers. So find this fruit in the vegetable and fruit market and along with your health, these farmers will also benefit from it.