Health: Fake ghee is harmful to health, this is how to identify real ghee!


There are many people who like to eat ghee or food very much. It also enhances the taste of food. Ghee also has many health benefits. People definitely consume ghee in winter. Because it has many benefits for the body. That's why doctors also recommend eating it.

But many times there is a doubt in our mind whether it is adulterated or not. Nowadays, adulteration has increased in everything. So naturally, ghee is also being adulterated. Now in such a situation, the question remains in the mind of many people how to identify adulterated ghee.

But don't worry, today we are going to tell you some easy ways to identify adulterated ghee (Ghee Purity Check Tips).


Can be checked with water

If you want to know whether ghee is real or fake, try mixing one spoon of ghee in a glass of water. If the ghee floats on top of the water then it is considered genuine and if instead of floating the ghee sits below the water then it is considered adulterated.

Rub on the palm

You can know its reality even by rubbing ghee on your palm. For this take some ghee and rub it on your palm. If it melts when rubbed, then your ghee is pure. On the other hand, if ghee remains on the palm instead of melting, then it is adulterated.


Heat ghee and check

You can also check the purity of ghee by heating it. For this, heat one spoon of ghee. If it turns brown immediately after melting, then it is pure ghee. On the other hand, if ghee starts turning yellow after melting, then understand that it is adulterated.