Health: Do you still smell sweat after taking a shower? Know what can be the reasons for this..


Reasons for the smell of sweat – Everyone knows sweating but everyone's sweat doesn't need to smell bad. Many people are troubled by the smell of sweat. Although the smell reduces after bathing with scented soap and sprinkling perfume, some people's smell of sweat does not go away even after bathing. The smell of sweat sometimes becomes a cause of embarrassment. But have you ever wondered why the smell of sweat does not go away? Body odor is caused by a mixture of bacteria and sweat on the skin. Sometimes body odor can also change due to conditions like hormones, food, infection, medicines, and diabetes. Many reasons can promote the smell of sweat, let's know about them.


Hormones change
Excessive sweating and body odor can be due to hormonal fluctuations. According to the Cleveland Clinic, body odor occurs when a person is in a particular position. During pregnancy, premenopause, or menopause, hormones and an increase in sweat gland activity can cause sweat to smell worse. In this condition, women experience hot flashes and night sweats, which can increase the smell of sweat.

Due to illness
Due to excessive sweating, the possibility of body odor increases. Sweating can also be caused by certain medical conditions and diseases such as diabetes, obesity, thyroid, kidney disease, infection, and gout. If you feel a sudden change in body odor, contact a doctor immediately.

Spice food
Excessive consumption of spicy food, onion, garlic, alcohol, and caffeine can also cause the smell of sweat. An increase in protein in the body can also increase the bad smell.


Take more stress
The sweat of those people smells more they are more worried, nervous, and stressed. If the body smells more then it means that the body is under a lot of stress. Sweating is common in the body, but excessive sweating can be the cause of some problems. Consult a doctor in case of excessive sweating or foul smell.