Health: Do these things after getting up in the morning in winter, you will enjoy the cold...


Tips To Prevent Disease In Winter: At this time in North India, the havoc of the coming cold is being seen. Somewhere there is chaos due to fog, somewhere people are chilling due to the cold wave. Similar conditions can be seen for the next few days. Due to the extreme cold, people's life has become busy. In such a situation, the risk of many diseases including cold, including cold, fever, and cough has also increased. People have to struggle to avoid diseases. Today we will tell you in which ways you can stay away from diseases in winter and enjoy the weather too.


Learn the mantras to stay healthy in winter
Wear warm clothes in the right way- To avoid diseases in winter, warm clothes should be worn in the right way. One should cover himself properly and only then leave the house. Warm clothes can become the biggest weapon in this season. Children and elders should not be careless about clothes at all. If you avoid a cold, then the risk of seasonal infection will reduce.

Start with vegetable juice- In winter, you can drink carrot, beetroot, coriander, amla, and mint juice on an empty stomach in the morning. Vegetable juice is very beneficial in this season. This detoxes our body and reduces the risk of diseases. You can also start the day with lemon water. Drinking cumin water and ajwain water is also beneficial.

Do physical activity daily- If you want to feel the heat even in winter, then you must exercise for at least 30 minutes. Exercising will bring heat to your body and reduce cold. Without a heater, you will sweat. In this season, it is considered best to exercise in the afternoon. By doing physical activity, metabolism improves and immunity is also boosted. If your immunity becomes strong, then in winter you can easily protect yourself from seasonal infections.


Take care of eating and drinking- In winter, maximum hot things should be consumed and hot water should be drunk. Food should always be fresh and hot. With this, your digestive system will be fine and you will be healthy. Apart from this, a sufficient amount of water should be drunk. Lots of fruits and vegetables should be consumed. If you take a healthy diet, your health will be good. Eat jaggery instead of sugar and keep eating dry fruits as well. This will keep you getting the essential nutrients.