Health: Do these home remedies to avoid heatstroke in summer!


People across the country have been facing severe heat and heatwave for the last few days. In many parts of the country, the mercury has touched or nearing the level of 47 degree Celsius. In such a situation, going out of the house at this time can prove to be dangerous. Hot air can scorch you with the heat of the sun. In such a situation, to avoid the heat, do not go out in the hot sun, especially between 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Drink water as often as possible, drink water even if you are not thirsty. Wear loose-fitting cotton clothes of light colour. To protect from the sun, use a hat, umbrella, sunglasses, shoes and slippers. Carry water with you in travel, do not use beverages like alcohol, tea, coffee. Home remedies prove to be very effective to avoid heatstroke in the scorching heat.


Umbrella should be used while going out in the sun. Covering your head and going out in the sun can also prevent heatstroke.
- Get out of the house after drinking water or any cold syrup. Like mango panna, shikanji, khus juice is more beneficial.
-One should not drink cold water immediately after coming from the hot sun and sweating excessively.
-During summer, one should drink water frequently so that there is no shortage of water in the body.
-Mixing lemon and salt in water and drinking it 2-3 times a day reduces the risk of heatstroke.
-One should not go empty stomach while going out in the sun.
-Heat can also be avoided by consuming vegetable soup.
-Light food should be taken during summer days. Yogurt should be included in the diet.
-Before taking a bath, making a paste by mixing barley flour with water and applying it on the body, after some time, bathing with cold water reduces the effect of heat stroke.
-To avoid heat stroke, a paste of raw mango should be made and massaged on the soles of the feet.
-Prickly heat occurs on the body due to heatstroke and excessive heat. Mixing gram flour in water and applying it on prickly heat is beneficial.


-Make a paste by grinding barley flour and onion in case of heatstroke and apply it on the body. Surely there will be relief.
-Rubbing onion on the nail before going out in the sun does not cause heatstroke. Not only this, even if you walk with peeled onions while going out in the sun, you will not feel the heat.
-After coming from the sun, licking a little onion juice mixed with honey reduces the risk of heatstroke.
-Consumption of cucumber in summer is very beneficial for health. Vitamin A, B, K are found in abundance in cucumber, due to which the water level in the body is maintained and the lack of water is fulfilled. In the summer season, its consumption keeps coolness in the body. However, one should avoid drinking too much water immediately after eating cucumber.
-Eating jaggery after eating in the summer season also reduces the fear of heatstroke.
-Consumption of curd is beneficial in every season, especially in summer. Be sure to include curd in your diet during summers. Yogurt acts as a probiotic in our body. This is the reason that curd is considered to be beneficial for the intestines. You can use curd to make raita or lassi. Some people also eat sugar mixed with curd. Curd is cooling, which is helpful in keeping the body temperature normal.
-Even eating tomato chutney, coconut and petha does not cause heatstroke.