Health: Do not take the pain in the feet and hands lightly, there may be signs of serious illness...


Pain in the hands and feet is a very common thing. Nowadays every other person is troubled by it. People believe that the reason behind this is fatigue, running or overwork, but if this pain starts happening daily or your walking or daily work gets affected due to this pain, then it should be understood that it is a sign of some disease. Many times we ignore some signals in our body, which may sometimes cause us great loss. One such sign is pain in the body, hands and feet, pain in any part of your body and it is not going away with a pain killer or any other remedy, so do not ignore it considering it as minor, get it treated.


Pain in hands and feet are sign of these diseases
Heart attack: If you feel pain in your left hand, then you should pay attention to many things, such as a sudden decrease in your blood pressure and an increase in pain while walking. If all these symptoms are felt together then it can be a heart attack. If the patient has diabetes or his cholesterol level is not good and in that case, pain is felt in the left hand, then it should not be ignored. It can be related to a Heart Attack.

Infection in bones: Sometimes infection in bones or tissue can also cause leg pain. This pain occurs only in the infected part and there is swelling and redness in that part. This pain is like a painful wound. Many times we do not treat it considering it as minor and normal and it takes a serious form.

Diabetes: Many times the pain started in our hands reaches the fingers and the fingers get stiff, along with this there is swelling and redness in the whole finger, then it is a sign of diabetes. A situation also comes when it becomes difficult to straighten the finger. This problem is seen as an initial symptom in 11% of diabetes patients, so we should not be negligent towards it.

Bone Cancer: Although it is common to have stiffness in the hands and feet, this stiffness is accompanied by pain and swelling in the bone, so we should not ignore it. It can also be a sign of cancer. It is better to get it treated in time.


Arthritis: Arthritis is a disease associated with inflammation and pain in the joints. Which in common language we call arthritis. It affects our hands and feet. People feel pain and stiffness in their bodies from time to time, sometimes there is swelling and pain in their hands, shoulders and knees, and there is difficulty in moving their hands. If you see any such symptoms, then start the treatment without delay.