Health: Do not eat these things even if you have piles, otherwise the condition will get worse.


Piles is also known as piles. Piles is such a problem that people have to face a lot of shame while talking openly about it. When this disease occurs, people neither tell the people around them nor do they go to the doctor for treatment. In case of piles or piles, there is swelling in the veins inside and outside the anus. Due to this, some warts are formed in the inside or outside part of the anus, from which sometimes blood comes out and pain is also there. Sometimes these warts come out on pressure. Apart from this, many times one has to face pain along with bleeding while passing stool. Due to this problem, there is a lot of trouble while passing stool and while sitting.


4 stage of piles
Stage 1: This is the initial stage. It does not show any specific symptoms. Sometimes the patient does not even know that he has piles. The patient does not feel any significant pain. There is only a slight itchiness and sometimes there is a slight bleed on exertion. It has piles inside.
Stage 2: In the second stage, the warts start coming out during the bowel movement, but they go inside when they are inside with the hand. Compared to the first stage, it feels a little more pain and blood also starts coming on exertion.
Stage 3: This condition becomes a bit serious as the wart remains on the outside. They can't even be put in by hand. In this condition, the patient feels severe pain and blood comes with the bowel movement.
Stage 4: Stage 4 is a worsening of stage 3. In this, the warts hang on the outside. In such a situation, there is a complaint of severe pain and bleeding. Chances of infection remain.

Due to piles
Piles disease can happen to a person of any age. The main causes of piles are constipation, gas problems and digestive problems. Due to constipation, many times one has to strain while passing stool and due to this, there is a complaint of piles. Apart from this, those whose work is to stand for a long time, they may have the problem of piles. Having anal sex can also cause piles. Apart from this, even if someone in your family has a problem with piles, then the risk of getting this disease is high.

What are the symptoms?
-Bright bright blood or mucus while passing stool.
- Swelling or lump-like feeling around the anus.
-Itching around the anus.
-Even after passing stool, it seems as if the stomach has not been cleaned.
-Only blood comes in the piles warts, there is no pain. If there is pain then it is because of infection.


Piles patients should not eat these things
Deep fried and processed food-
Processed foods such as frozen meat, fast food and deep fried foods have negligible amounts of nutrients, so these things take longer to digest. Deep fried and processed foods are high in salt and unhealthy fats. All these increase the problem of poor digestion and constipation.