Health: Diabetes patients should consume this tea, blood sugar will remain under control; There will be many more benefits


Diabetes is a disease for which there is no cure and the number of diabetes patients in the country is increasing day by day, mainly due to changing lifestyle and poor diet. Health experts say that diabetes is a life-long chronic condition. It has two types type 1 and type 2. If this disease is not managed properly, it can cause many other physical problems. Patients suffering from diabetes are also advised to stay away from sweet things, so if you are also a diabetic patient and also fond of drinking tea, then you can consume hibiscus tea. Its consumption will not only keep blood sugar under control, but will also have many other benefits for health. Let us know how diabetic patients should consume hibiscus tea.


What is hibiscus?
Hibiscus is a kind of flower which is very beautiful to see. The flower of Gudhal is also called the flower of Arhul. Mostly the flowers of hibiscus are used for worship, etc., but did you know that the tea of ​​hibiscus flowers is also consumed? Yes, its tea is very beneficial for health. These flowers are as beautiful as they look, they are equally beneficial for health. It has antioxidant properties. In Ayurveda, Gudhal ke phool has been described as a very good medicine.

Properties found in hibiscus
Antioxidants like beta-carotene, vitamin-C are found in the flowers and leaves of hibiscus. All these help in keeping you healthy. If you are suffering from diabetes, cancer and heart-related diseases, then hibiscus flowers can prove to be of your use.

How to make hibiscus tea
To make hibiscus tea, first wash the flowers of hibiscus and separate its petals.
After this boil water in the pan.
When the water boils, put two hibiscus flower petals in it, then cook it for two minutes.
After that sieve it in a cup.
Now add lemon juice and honey to it and then consume it.
If you want, after drying its flowers, you can use it by making powder.
You will also find hibiscus tea in the form of loose powder and tea bags in the market.


More benefits of hibiscus
Helpful in reducing stress
If you are struggling with stress, then hibiscus tea can prove to be of your use. By drinking it, fatigue and stress can be removed, as well as its consumption also brings good sleep. Grind the leaves and flowers of hibiscus in water and apply it on the swollen and painful area. This gives relief from swelling and pain.