Health Desk: Do not make these 5 mistakes after eating food, otherwise it affects your health..


Taking diet three times a day is very important for every human being. By the way, experts recommend eating something every 2 hours. However, if you also eat 3 meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner, then you remain healthy and fit. But it often happens that after eating food, you make some such mistake, which starts having a bad effect on your health and it leads you to many diseases. In such a situation, today we tell you five such things that you should not do immediately after eating food.


You may feel very sluggish immediately after eating food and you fall asleep, but you should never sleep immediately after eating food because it increases obesity. Also, it can lead to heart problems and stroke.

One should never smoke a cigarette after having a meal because at this time one cigarette harms your body equal to 10 cigarettes. Actually, cigarettes absorb oxygen and the body does not get the nutrients to eat.


You should never take a bath immediately after eating food, as it can lead to digestion problems. In such a situation, try to take a bath before eating food or after 1 hour of eating food.

Tea or coffee should not be consumed immediately after having a meal. Such elements are found in it that absorb the protein of the food and there is a problem in the formation of red blood cells.


You should never drink water immediately after having a meal, as it causes bloating of the stomach and also increases obesity. In such a situation, do not drink water for half an hour before eating food and half an hour after eating food.