Health: Consumption of curd is not less than any nectar in summer, these benefits are available to health


With the onset of summer, it is common to see a change in the diet. It is seen that in these days curd is definitely included in the diet. Having curd in the plate means that your plate is tasty as well as nutritious. Yes, many types of nutrients are found in curd which benefit the body in many ways. Studies show that yogurt contains almost every nutrient that your body needs on a regular basis. In summer, if curd is consumed regularly, not only can the body remain cool but health can also become better. Today in this episode, we are going to tell you about the health benefits of consuming curd, knowing that you too will start consuming curd every day. So let's know about them...


The effect of summer is less
Studies show that consuming curd daily during the summer can be especially beneficial for you. Yogurt is light but very nutritious. Along with keeping you hydrated, it also helps in boosting the energy levels in the body. By eating curd during summer, the ill effects of sun and heat stroke can also be easily avoided. It is quite useful to give you an inside freshness as well as boost the functionality.

Helps in reducing weight
Yogurt contains calcium, vitamin B-2, B-12, potassium and magnesium. This is very beneficial for your health. Yogurt is rich in calcium which lowers cortisol and helps in reducing weight. You feel full for a long time after consuming curd. It also helps in keeping the stomach slim by reducing the amount of calories.

Very beneficial for digestion
One of the many benefits of curd is its effect on digestion. The nutrients found in curd promote healthy gut bacteria which help in proper digestion of food and reduce many types of stomach problems. Make sure to consume it daily to avoid the problems of constipation, indigestion and burning in the stomach in summer. Some studies have also confirmed that consumption of curd can also help in curing many stomach infections.

Yogurt boosts immunity
Diet expert Dr Ranjana Singh says that curd is a great probiotic food, which is considered excellent for our intestines. Yogurt has the power to fight disease-causing germs as it has some active properties, which work to kill germs as well as maintain immunity.

Good for heart
Cholesterol levels are reduced by consuming curd every day. This keeps blood pressure under control and also reduces the risk of hypertension. It balances your cholesterol level. This keeps your heart healthy.


Helpful in maintaining mood
For people who often have stress-anxiety problems, it can be beneficial to include curd in the daily diet. Yogurt is considered helpful in keeping your mind calm, which provides relief in anxiety and stress. Yogurt is also known to be a great mood-lifter. Including curd in your daily diet can be very beneficial for you.