Health Care: Your hemoglobin levels can improve, make these things a part of the diet!


Hemoglobin works to carry oxygen in our body and if it is lacking in the body, then there can be many problems. By the way, you can improve its level through these foods.

Amaranth greens: The amount of iron in amaranth, which is rich in medicinal properties, is very high. Apart from this, it contains many nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and protein. Make sure to consume it once a week.


Dates: Dates are being used since ancient times to remove the lack of blood in the body. It is the best source of iron and for this reason, hemoglobin levels can be improved.

Raisins: For people who have low hemoglobin levels, doctors also recommend them to consume raisins. It helps in the formation of red blood rails and its taste is also amazing. If you want, you can consume soaked raisins every night. Do not forget to drink raisin water.


Sesame seeds: Special importance of sesame seeds has been told in Ayurveda. Rich in iron, these seeds also contain nutrients like copper. These nutrients play an important role in increasing the hemoglobin level.