Health Care Tips: You may have to consume these things at night, there may be many disadvantages!


* Do not consume alcohol:

You have seen that most people consume alcohol at night only, but consumption of alcohol is harmful to our health because consumption of alcohol spoils our sleep, therefore, alcohol should never be consumed at night because sleep Due to its deficiency, many problems start happening in our body.

* Heavy Foods:

It is advised health experts not to eat heavy foods at night because consuming heavy foods at night causes heaviness in the stomach, so you should not eat cheese-made things or pizza burgers, etc. at night because these things take time to digest, in such a situation you may have many problems related to the stomach.

* Stay away from the consumption of gas-making things:

According to the health expert, such things should not be consumed at night, due to which there is a problem of gas in the stomach because it is difficult to identify them by eating such things at night, fiber is found in high amounts in these things. Due to this, there is a problem with gas, you should avoid consuming things like broccoli and dry fruits at night.


* Do not eat spicy food:

You should avoid consuming spicy food at night because spicy food can disrupt our digestion process, that's why it is forbidden by health experts to eat spicy food at night.