Health Care Tips: Women should include these foods in their diet to reduce the pain of their periods.


* Consume dark chocolate:

You can consume dark chocolate during this period to relieve the pain of periods. Dark chocolate contains endorphins and magnesium. Which relaxes your muscles. By consuming dark chocolate, you can reduce stress and pain.


* Use low-fat curd:

You can consume low-fat curd to get relief from pain during periods. The amount of calcium is found in low-fat curd, with the help of which our body is able to bear the pain during periods. Consuming this will keep your stomach cool.

* Drink plenty of water:

During periods, women should consume plenty of water, consuming plenty of water will help in keeping your body hydrated. During periods, you can consume lukewarm water, it will help you to flush out the toxins from your body. Consuming lukewarm water will get rid of your problems like bloating, indigestion, and gas.


* Consume Chamomile Tea:

The consumption of chamomile tea is very beneficial for women to get rid of the pain caused while abroad. Women can get relief from pain during periods by using the chamomile vaccine.

* Include green leafy vegetables in the diet:

To get relief from pain during periods, women should include green leafy vegetables in their diet. By consuming green leafy vegetables, you can remove the lack of blood from your body.