Health Care Tips: To reduce the risk of heart attack, consume this red and sweet fruit.


* Consume strawberries to keep the heart healthy:

In today's era, a heart attack has become a major disease, in such a situation, you should eat strawberries every day for the longevity of the heart, this will also save you from the risk of stroke. As much as one is engaged in eating strawberries, it is equally beneficial for the heart. Many nutrients are found in strawberries which are very beneficial for heart health.

* Consume this amount of strawberries in 1 day:

To keep the heart healthy, according to experts, two or three cups of chopped strawberries should be consumed in a day. Due to its consumption, the oxidative stress in the body is much less than before, due to which the platelet count starts increasing in the blood.


* How is the consumption of Strawberry is beneficial for the heart:

Polyphenols are very beneficial for heart health. Strawberries are known to be a rich source of polyphenols. Due to this the risk of heart attack is reduced to a great extent. This is a compound that is very beneficial for health. Along with this, plenty of polyphenols are found in strawberries.