Health Care Tips: To avoid the risk of heart attack, include these foods in the diet!


The problem of heart attack is increasing continuously among people. Slowly the problem is increasing. In earlier times, people had to face this problem in old age, but in today's time, this problem is making people their victims before old age, the biggest reason for this disease is a poor lifestyle and poor diet. This problem can also occur due to tension or depression in the brain and people who have high BP problems, if they do not control it in time, then in this condition also the person may have a problem of a heart attack. The problem of high BP should not be ignored even after forgetting it. People suffering from high BP problems are most at risk of this problem. Through this article, we will tell you about some such yellow flowers, by consuming which you can reduce the risk of a heart attack. Let us know about these foods in detail -


* Consume Banana:

If we talk about fruits to stay healthy, then how can a banana be ignored. Banana consumption is considered very beneficial for health. Banana is rich in iron and its consumption keeps the energy in the body. By consuming bananas, you will remain active and allergic, due to which you will be saved from problems like high BP and cholesterol.

* Use mango:

Consumption of mango is beneficial for health, this fruit is not only delicious to eat but it is also beneficial for health in many ways. can be done. Therefore, the doctor also advises consuming mangoes, but in limited quantities, otherwise, they may have to suffer loss instead of benefit.


* Consume Pineapple:

You can consume this fruit to keep your heart healthy. It is said for this fruit that the risk of heart attack can be reduced by consuming it, you must consume it at least twice a week. People suffering from heart problems should consume this fruit after consulting a doctor.

* Consume lemon:

Lemon also has many such properties that reduce the risk of a heart attack. Lemon has been used as medicine since time immemorial. Lemon is used to get rid of many diseases or many diseases. You people are used for many things like weight loss, boosting immunity, etc. Body fat can be burned using lemon.