Health Care Tips: These diseases are more at risk during the rainy season, so protect yourself from them!


* Typhoid can be a problem:

It is the rainy season, there is a high risk of getting the problem of typhoid. Salmonella bacteria are believed to be responsible for this disease. The reason for the spread of this disease is the consumption of contaminated food and water. Symptoms of typhoid include high fever, body aches, and headache. To avoid this disease, stay away from outside food during this season. Especially the golgappas found in the market.

* Dengue - Malaria

During the rainy season, rainwater collects in most places. Mosquitoes start breeding in this season. Due to this the risk of malaria and dengue increases during this season. Due to the problem of dengue malaria, there is a problem of body pain, high fever, weakness in the body, etc. To avoid this problem, you should not allow water to accumulate around you during the rainy season. Use mosquito net during this season. And clean the cooler from time to time.


* There may be a problem with spreading influenza:

The risk of spreading this disease is also high during the rainy season. It affects the windpipe by going into your body through the air. Due to this disease, the problem of headache, chest pressure, body ache, excessive fatigue, phlegm, sore throat, etc. In case of this disease, you should immediately see the doctors. So that the situation can be controlled before it gets worse.

* Cholera problem:

During the rainy season, there is a higher risk of getting the problem of a hedgehog. The main reason for the problem of hedgehogs is contaminated water. Due to the weakening of your immune system during the rainy season, the risk of this disease increases. Due to this disease, there is a problem of vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, and cramps in the body. To avoid this time, you should avoid outside fast foods and the consumption of contaminated water.