Health Care Tips: Increasing air pollution can make you a victim of these diseases!


At present, the level of pollution in the environment is continuously increasing, and due to the increasing air pollution, people are facing many problems. Increasing pollution is proving even more dangerous for people who already have respiratory diseases. Due to this increasing air pollution, these patients are in need of hospitalization. Due to increasing air pollution, healthy-looking people can also get many types of diseases, let us tell you through this article, which are the two major diseases people can get due to increasing air pollution. Let's know about them 

* COPD disease can happen: Due to this increasing air pollution, the risk of getting a disease called COPD also increases, due to this disease, oxygen does not reach our body properly. Due to this problem, there is a problem of tightness in the chest and the person starts taking deep breaths. 

The person suffering from this problem has more trouble sleeping at night. There is also a danger In such a situation, it is necessary that on seeing the symptoms of bronchitis, get your treatment done immediately so that the danger of this disease can be avoided.


* Patients suffering from asthma may have trouble:

Health experts say that due to increasing pollution and dusty soil, there is also a risk of asthma disease. Patients who already have asthma disease should be more careful in such times, so it is necessary for the patients of Mari to Always have their inhaler with them. It protects them from asthma attacks.

* To avoid these diseases, keep these things in mind:1. Avoid going out as much as possible.

2. If you have to go out for some important work, then you should go out only with an N-95 mask on your face.

3. Protect yourself from exposure to dust and fumes.

4. Air purifiers can be used at home.

5. Always keep your body hydrated.