Health Care Tips: Include these healthy foods in your diet, fatigue and lethargy will go away!


1. Consume Fennel:

You can use fennel to remove lethargy in your body. Fennel is not only used as a mouth freshener but also to remove lethargy from the body. Fennel is rich in many nutrients. It contains nutrients like iron and potassium and calcium.

2. Include curd in the diet:

You can overcome fatigue and weakness in your body by consuming a bowl of curd daily in your diet because protein is found in curd which helps in keeping your body healthy.

3. Consume Oats:

To stay healthy, you must include oats in your diet. Its use works to give energy to your body and helps to remove lethargy and fatigue from your body.


4. Consume Banana:

To keep the body healthy, you must include the consumption of bananas in your diet, it is a very tasty and healthy fruit that is rich in nutrients. The carbs found in it help in removing fatigue and lethargy from your body.

5. Use Spinach:

To keep the body healthy, it is advised by experts to consume green vegetables, you can also include spinach in your diet, iron is found in abundance in spinach. Iron accelerates the metabolism in your body. And also makes your fat work faster.


6. Use Orange:

To stay healthy and healthy, you must use oranges in your diet. Oranges are rich in vitamin C, which works to keep your digestive system healthy. Orange is a succulent fruit that helps to keep you energetic.