Health Care Tips: Do not worry about spider bites, try these home remedies to get relief!


* Use of salt:

You can also use salt to get relief from spider bites. The inflammatory properties found in salt help to move the wound caused by a spider bite, for this you first take some salt and apply it to the wooden saddle area and tie a clean cloth on it. Doing so will help you get relief from the swelling and pain on the screen.

* Turmeric will also cure spider bites:

You can also use turmeric to get relief from spider bites. Turmeric has been used as a medicine since ancient times. The medicinal properties found in turmeric help your skin wounds to grow faster. For this, take a little turmeric in a bowl, add olive oil to it and mix these two well and make a paste, now apply this paste to the wooden saddle. To clean this paste, you have to use lukewarm water.


* Use Activated Charcoal:

You can also use activated charcoal to get relief from spider bites. To get relief from the problem, you can use one or two activated charcoal tablets every morning on an empty stomach. After taking this tablet, you have to take special care that after 2 hours you do not have to take any other medicine.