Health Care Tips: Do not eat these things after eating papaya, it can cause much damage!


* Do not consume curd after eating papaya:

Sometimes people tend to be more fit or healthy by consuming things that harm them instead of benefit, one such thing is to consume curd after eating papaya. The combination of both papaya and curd can prove to be harmful to you. Even after forgetting you should not consume curd after eating papaya. These are harmful to our body because the effect of both of them is different.


* Ignore citrus fruits after eating papaya:

People often consume citrus fruits with papaya in the fruit chart, which is a mistake. According to health experts, you should not consume sour things with papaya or for some time after its consumption, you must keep a gap of at least half an hour in the consumption of these two things. The combination of these two things is not good for the health of your stomach.


* Do not consume lemon and papaya together:

If you accidentally use Neelu with papaya, then it can be very harmful to your health. Due to this mistake of yours, you can also become a victim of anemia. Due to this habit of yours, there may also be anemia in your body. By consuming both these things, the level of hemoglobin in our body deteriorates. Therefore, never consume these two things together.