Health Care Tips: Do not consume too much hot water in the winter season, you may have to bear many losses!


We all know very well that in the winter season, most people like to consume hot water, drinking hot water also cures problems of throat infections and sore throat ends. Consuming water is also beneficial for our stomach as it heals the digestive system and keeps the heat inside our body. Health experts recommend drinking hot water in winter, but do you know that some people may have to suffer losses instead of benefits by drinking hot water. Health experts say that hot water shows the opposite effect in some people. Let us tell you through this article what harm can be done to your body by drinking hot water –


* Health exports tell us that our body is made to save normal water. But if we use too much hot water, then it can prove to be harmful to us because it is not an easy task for the kidney to filter hot water, especially when you drink too much hot water because it is difficult for the kidney to filter it. The kidney has to work more and due to this the kidney starts getting affected more than normal and still it is not able to work at its normal rate.


* You must have seen that some people do not sleep at night, let us tell you that if a person drinks hot water at night, then due to this also his sleep gets disturbed and sleep breaks again and again. This problem related to sleep In the future can cause stress for you. It has been told in Ayurveda that you should drink lukewarm water instead of hot water, it is better for your health, instead of drinking hot water, you should always consume normal water.

* You must have seen that most people have drunk a lot of hot water to keep themselves healthy during the Corona period and due to this some people have also seen bad effects on their health. 

Because of this, not only can you get blisters in your throat, but it also has a bad effect on the internal tissues of your body. Health experts say that consuming too much hot water can also increase the problem of acidity. Drinking too hot water has a bad effect on the cats present inside the digestive system and because of this, you may also face ulcer problems.