Health Care Tips: Diabetes patients should not forget to include these fruits in their diet.


At present, the number of people suffering from the problem of diabetes is increasing continuously. Only this problem can be controlled. It is very important for people suffering from this problem to exercise regularly and make changes in their lifestyle. 

People suffering from diabetes must take care of their diet. If we talk about a nutritious diet, then the consumption of fruits is definitely included in it. But there are some moments like this, the consumption of the heart is like poison for patients with diabetes. Through IAS LE, we tell you which fruits should be avoided by diabetic patients. Let's know about these fruits -

1. Avoid using Banana:

It is the only fruit that is easily available throughout the year and it is also considered very beneficial for our health, but the consumption of bananas is harmful to diabetic patients because banana has a glycemic index score (62). Which is harmful to diabetic patients.


2. Mango :

Mango is used by people with great fervor, the use of mango is famous not only in India but all over the world. Mango is mainly used in summer. But this fruit is not good for people suffering from the problem of diabetes as it can increase the sugar level in your body.

3. Pineapple :

Pineapple fruit is very beneficial for health, its sweetness attracts people towards it, but the sweetness found in this fruit is no less than poison for people suffering from the problem of diabetes. Diabetic patients should not consume this fruit even after forgetting otherwise their blood glucose level may suddenly increase.

4. Watermelon :

Watermelon is a very juicy and tasty fruit. Watermelon is mainly used in summer. Watermelon is a tasty fruit as well as it has high sugar content and a high glycemic index. Therefore, diabetic patients are advised to minimize the consumption of watermelon as it works to increase the blood sugar level in their bodies.