Health Care Tips: Consuming asafoetida helps you get rid of these problems!


* Relief from headache problems:

It is seen that many times people have to face the problem of headaches due to tension and to get relief from this problem, most of the people take painkillers, which can prove to be dangerous for you in the future. If you want to cure a headache naturally, then prepare a paste by grinding asafetida and apply it on the forehead and leave it for a while, by doing this you will get relief.


* Relief from indigestion:

If you also have to face problems related to the stomach, then you can use asafoetida to get relief from these problems, because for such people the use of asafoetida is considered no less than anyone else. To get relief from problems like indigestion, first of all, take a glass of lukewarm water and mix asafetida in it and drink it. Apart from this, by preparing a paste of asafoetida and rubbing it round and round around your navel, your digestion starts improving soon.


* Relief from the problem of flatulence:

Some people have to face the problem of flatulence. People suffering from the problem of flatulence remain very upset. By mixing it with mustard oil and rubbing it around your navel, you will get relief from the problem of bloating soon.