Health Care Tips: Breastfeeding regularly does not cause these diseases, the mother also gets the benefit!


We all know very well that mother's milk is considered to be the best food for the child and for this reason doctors also insist on breastfeeding the baby because all the nutrients are found in mother's milk. They are necessary for the physical and mental development of the child.

It is said that the child is completely dependent on milk for nutrition for the first 6 months of birth, but do you know why breastfeeding is so important? It is beneficial not only for the baby but also for the mother. Through this article, let us tell you why it is necessary to breastfeed children and what diseases it protects them from. Let's know in detail -


Regular breastfeeding of children reduces the risk of infection in their body, due to which children do not have diseases related to work and breathing. Apart from this, children do not get diabetes due to diseases like asthma and allergies, and eczema. 

* Breastfeeding leads to the development of the whole body of the newborn because normally the weight of the baby at birth is very low, if after that it is used to breastfeed regularly, then its weight starts increasing easily.

* By regularly breastfeeding the baby, his brain develops properly because in much research it has been revealed that the brain of children who are breastfed in childhood is sharper than other children.


* Breastfeeding benefits not only the baby but also the mother, so it is necessary for every woman to breastfeed her baby after becoming a mother and should also get it done because it reduces the risk of uterine cancer in mothers. And at the same time, their weight is also maintained.