Health Care: It is easy to make morning walk in winter, these tips will come in handy


In winter, people make many mistakes including laziness in doing their morning walk. If you want to make the morning walk routine easier in winter, then you should follow these health care tips.


Timing of Walk: Due to fog and cold in winter, the routine walk is not possible. A middle-aged person should go for a walk between 7 to 8 in the morning. On the other hand, those who are elderly should follow the routine of walking around 10 o'clock.

Care of footwear: If you go for a walk in the winter season to stay fit, then it is also necessary to take care of footwear. Wear shoes that are warm, as well as choose only good quality material, because problems with walking can start pain in the feet.


Do not run fast: Take special care of the speed of walking while walking in winter. According to experts, while walking in winter, keep the speed of walking normally in the beginning and the last.

Doctor's advice: Patients with heart, kidney, asthma, sugar and blood pressure must take the doctor's advice before going for a walk. Starting the routine according to your mind can cause pain in the joints or cramps in the body.