Health Benefits: You will get these 5 health benefits only by rubbing the palms of your hands... Start from today itself..


Palm Rubbing: Often you must have seen that when someone falls sick in the house or someone gets dizzy suddenly, the elders start rubbing the soles of their hands and feet. Have you ever tried to think that what can be good by doing this? Actually, by doing this, blood circulation gets cured. When the blood floor increases in the body, then energy is available, due to which a person can feel better.


If there is a delay in taking medicine or treatment, then the situation can be handled by doing this. It is not necessary to do this only when you are sick, but you can include rubbing your hands in your daily routine. It has great importance in both Ayurveda and Yoga. You can get many big benefits from this. It neither takes much time nor effort, let us know about these benefits.

Beneficial for the eyes - After rubbing the palms, you keep them on the eyes, and then the warmth of your palms reduces the tension of the eyes and promotes blood circulation around the eyes. This removes eye fatigue, start rubbing the palm at a slow speed and then gradually increase the speed, when the palm starts giving heat completely, stop rubbing it and keep it on your eyes for 30 seconds. This increases the light and also maintains the brightness of the eyes.

Blood circulation is better - By rubbing the palm, circulation of blood also increases. Let us tell you that by rubbing the palms, the pressure on the acupressure point increases and it promotes blood circulation, it brings heat to the body, then you automatically feel agile.

Eliminate stress and fatigue
Even if you want to reduce stress, you can rub your palms, by doing this both stress and tiredness can be removed. It calms your mind and makes you feel relaxed. Rubbing your palms and placing them over your eyes can improve brain function. Promotes positivity. Rubbing palms and placing them over your eyes in the morning benefits your overall health. Can get it


Beneficial in winter- If your hands get cold again and again in the winter season, then keep rubbing your palms because by doing this heat is generated in the body and you can feel warm. There is no problem of stiffness, due to this the muscles are stretched and there is strength in them.