Health Benefits: Heart shaped leaves of Arbi are rich in Nutrients, Know its other benefits...


Both the rainy season and arbi leaves share a relationship with each other. In the rainy season, Taro Root Leaf can be seen everywhere, be it supermarkets or nearby shops. Mother gives advice from childhood on how to eat Arabic leaves. Many diseases of the body can be got rid of by eating them. Apart from making arbi and arbi leaves vegetable, they are also effective in keeping the body healthy.


Let us explain to you the importance of Arabic leaves today. How Arbi leaves are healthy for health.

Protection against diseases
Arbi leaves act as a protective shield to fight diseases. They contain high levels of anti-oxidants which help in fighting harmful radicals. The leaves are rich in vitamins, which help in the prevention of diseases. It also strengthens the immune system.

Helpful in weight loss
The amount of calories in arbi leaves is very less. Which helps in controlling both weight loss and blood sugar. Therefore, these leaves are mostly eaten in the diet.

Lace with fibers
About 3.2 grams of fiber will be found in only 150 grams of arbi leaves. Which also fulfills the amount of water in the body. Arbi leaves also prove to be very helpful in weight loss.

Eye protectors
Arbi leaves are the protectors of the eyes. Vitamin A and beta carotene are found in these which are used to protect the eyes.

To protect the heart
Vegetables are used to protect the heart. They contain many nutrients which are beneficial for the body. A study has found that if the leaves are eaten regularly, then heart related problems can be got rid of.


If you are making some recipes of arbi leaves, then it is important that you first remove its toxic effects. The toxic effects of the leaves can be removed by eating the leaves soaked in hot water. Arbi leaves are good for the body. Make sure to consume them and drive away your diseases.