Health: Bad habits increase obesity, are you also a victim of these bad habits? know here...


Our bad daily habits can increase obesity. Are you also a victim of these bad habits? Get rid of these bad habits like this.

1) Eating while watching TV
If you do, how much and what are you eating? You do not pay attention to this, due to which you often overeat and gain weight.

Disadvantages of eating while watching TV
-Watching TV for more than two hours a day increases the chances of developing obesity by 20 percent.

-Problems related to heart and blood pressure can also occur due to continuous crying and washing serials on TV.

What to do?
While watching TV, doing exercises like jogging, stretching, breathing, etc. in between can reduce obesity.


2) being hungry for a long time
While leaving the house in a hurry, many times we leave a hungry stomach. Even by staying at home, many times we remain hungry for a long time. In such a situation, due to long intervals, there is a lack of nutrients in the body.

Disadvantages of being hungry for a long time
-The chances of low blood sugar levels in the body increase.

-Due to not getting glucose at the right time to the brain, nature becomes irritable.

-Consuming a lot of food after being on an empty stomach for a long time can also lead to complaints of acidity, lethargy, etc.

What to do?
Eat food on time and follow a fixed diet.

3) eat fast
There is a possibility of increasing obesity by eating food without chewing or eating it too quickly. By doing this, the message does not reach the stomach what are you eating? This affects the digestion process. Apart from this, the information about whether the stomach is full or not also reaches the brain late and you eat more than you need.

disadvantages of eating fast
-Digestive power decreases.

-There may also be a complaint of abdominal pain.

What to do?
Eat in limited quantities according to hunger. Do not do any other work while eating. If you feel hungry again after a while, you can eat fruits or healthy snacks.

4) not having breakfast
The gap of 8 to 12 hours between dinner and breakfast weakens the brain and muscles. In such a situation, not having breakfast in the morning or drinking only a cup of tea or coffee increases obesity.

Disadvantages of not having breakfast
-Digestive power becomes weak.

-Calories increase instead of decrease.

-By doing this you can also become anemic.

-Energy decreases in the body.

What to do?
Make sure to have a healthy breakfast. Keep more quantity of healthy things in breakfast than in other meals of the day.

5) Not getting enough sleep
Sleeping late at night and getting up early in the morning are also causes of obesity.

disadvantages of not getting enough sleep
-The food eaten at night is not digested.

-May be a victim of Insomnia (insomnia).

-The energy level of the body decreases.

-Depression can also occur due to a distracted mind.

What to do?
Try to do all your work at the right time, so that you can go to sleep and wake up on time. Make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep every day.


6) Consuming fast food
This is also one of the main reasons for increasing obesity. Due to the high amount of calories in fast food, consuming them increases obesity.

disadvantages of fast food
-Heart-related diseases can occur.

-There is a fear of getting diabetes.

What to do?
Eat fast food only once a week and do not consume extra cheese. Eat roasted or baked fast food instead of fried fast food.

7) Falling asleep immediately after having a meal
Eating late at night, overeating, and sleeping immediately after eating is also a reason for obesity. By doing this the food is not digested and increases the fat in the body.

Disadvantages of falling asleep soon after a meal
-Due to not digesting food properly, gas can be a problem.

-The belly starts coming out.

What to do?
A short walk after a meal helps in digesting the food. It is also beneficial to do light exercise after eating.