Have you ever wondered why bananas are always crooked in shape? Know the reason!


We all know that bananas grow on trees. The first tree has its own flower. Later, under the petals of these flowers, a row of small banana fruits starts appearing. Once the fruit becomes very large in size, the banana fruit undergoes a process that is known in science as negative geomorphism.

Now, this is science but in simple words, this process means that the banana fruit grows toward sunlight instead of toward the ground like other fruits.


Bananas usually grow in places or areas where there is less sunlight. This tendency causes the banana to grow upward to absorb sunlight, resulting in a scaly shape.

Now let's talk about the history of the banana. Banana trees were first in the middle of the rainforest. Where sunlight reaches very little. In such a situation, you can say that this is the basic nature of the banana tree. Because of this, the banana first grows towards the ground and then towards the sun, hence the shape of the banana becomes curved.


We use bananas as an offering to God, and the tree or the leaf is also considered sacred; Which we keep for Prasad or worship of God.

The banana isn't the only tree associated with negative geomorphism. You must have heard the name sunflower. He has a similar relationship with the Sun. Where the sun goes, the sunflower flower also goes there.