Hariyali Teej 2022: Enjoy these traditional recipes with your friends and family, click to see them!


Hariyali Teej, also known as Sawan Teej, is an Indian festival widely celebrated in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Madhya Pradesh. Women celebrate the festival by dancing to welcome the monsoon season. This festival is being celebrated this year on Sunday, 31st July.

The festival is celebrated with some traditional delicacies that you can share with your family members. Here are some of them you can try your hand at:

Ghevar: It is a round-shaped Rajasthani sweet dipped in sugar syrup which is easily available in every sweet shop and sold in large numbers. Ghevar with mawa is also very much liked.


Dal Bati: Dal Bati is a must for your festive feast. Stuffed batis are served hot with ghee or with delicious churma. This special dish of Rajasthan is usually everyone's favorite.

Feni: Plain or sweet feni is usually cooked with milk to make a kheer-like dessert. This is a simple recipe but delicious.

Besan Kadhi: Besan Kadhi is one of the most popular dishes for Teej. This kadhi is a thick gravy made from gram flour to which curd is added to give it a slightly sour taste. Vegetable fritters called pakoras are added to the gravy.


Mirchi Vada: This Rajasthani style Mirchi Pakora is made with a spicy potato filling that is wrapped in a batter of gram flour and then deep fried. To make it tasty, red chili, black carom seeds, green chilies, turmeric, and green coriander are added to it.

Shakar Para: Shakar Para is a sweet snack, which is made by frying a mixture of flour and sugar. This breakfast is perfect to enjoy during monsoon rains and it is very easy to make in the kitchen.