Hara Chana (Cholia) For Winter: Benefits of including green gram in the winter diet


Benefits of Hara Chana: There is one vegetable that is not talked about much and that is the green gram. It is also known as Choliya.

In the winter season, we all often like to eat green vegetables. There is a whole long list of winter vegetables that can be used in many different ways. From broccoli, green peas, spinach, fenugreek, bathua, and mustard greens to carrots and beetroot, this is the season for all healthy and low-calorie vegetables. But there is one vegetable that is not talked about much and that is the green gram. It is also known as Choliya. Green gram looks similar to the black gram in appearance and taste is also almost the same, only their color is green. Green chickpeas or cholia can be cooked with vegetarian and meat curries, as well as many traditional dishes including cholia pulao can be prepared from it.

Like gram and black gram, green chickpeas also contain rich nutrients. Celebrity nutritionist Lavneet Batra elaborates on the health benefits of including green gram in our winter diet. 'Green winter vegetables' are in vogue these days, but there's one vegetable that doesn't get talked about much – green chickpeas, also known as cholia or green gram, are my favorite. Green chickpeas are in the legume family A popular part of the U.S. and when it comes to the nutrition and health benefits a portion of a meal can provide to the human body, the benefits of chickpeas are mighty and plentiful,".

Benefits of a green gram for winter

Green gram, or chickpeas, is a very healthy option to include in your winter diet, and here are some of the benefits of eating green gram in winter:

1. Rich in Protein:

Green gram is rich in protein, which is a satiating macronutrient, which is important for boosting muscle growth.

2. Rich in Vitamins:

Green gram is a rich source of vitamins A and C, both of which are important during winter, as they have antioxidant properties. Both help in boosting immunity and maintain skin health.

3. Rich in Folate:

It provides folate in abundance. Green gram is rich in vitamin B9 or folate, which can help improve mood and manage anxiety and depression.

4. Helps in Weight Loss:

Green gram is a fiber powerhouse. Eating foods with high fiber content helps in reaching satiety (fullness after a meal) faster. It helps in keeping you full for longer as fiber-rich foods take time to digest. The satiating effect of the high fiber and protein content in green gram can help in weight management.

5. Promote Hair Growth:

While protein deficiency can lead to many problems like hair fall, thinning of hair, and breakage of hair, consumption of foods like green gram (which is rich in protein) can promote hair growth and enhance the quality. may also help.

There are many different ways to consume green gram during winter. You can mash soft chickpeas and add them to your parathas, or use them in salads as well as in rice and meat dishes. Make sure you add this vegetable to your winter diet before the season is over!

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