Haldi Function: Make Haldi Function From Boring To Fun And Memorable With These Ideas


Haldi Function: One of the important functions of marriage, Haldi Ceremony is celebrated here for both the bride and groom. So if you want to make this long-running function fun and memorable, then these ideas can help.

 Haldi Function: Turmeric is the most fun function of the wedding. This event, which takes place a day before the wedding, was not celebrated with such pomp as it is seen now. Everywhere this function is celebrated in different ways. Chuda Ceremony in Punjabi, Pelikuthuru in South India in which a small Holi is played later, Hal-Kund Ceremony in Maharashtra. Which is sometimes fun and sometimes boring. So in such a situation, if you want to make your henna ceremony spectacular and memorable, then you can take the help of these tips.

Do not use water

To make the turmeric function fun, use liquids other than water, such as oil, milk, or alcohol. If you want a little more fun, then give the bride and groom an ice shower.

Flower holi

Another idea to make the henna function fun from boring is the Holi of flowers. In the rain of colorful flowers, the pictures of Mehndi will also look very beautiful.

Celebrate function together

The more people, the more fun. Traditionally, the turmeric of the bride and groom is different, but to make this moment memorable, both the families can celebrate this function together.

Make Grand Entry

Keep your entry after all the preparations for the turmeric function and the arrival of the guests. The entry of the bride and groom along with the singing of songs will tie the knot of henna.

Smoke bomb option

You can also make your henna ceremony happy with colorful smoke bombs. It will be a kind of mini Holi. The photos look very beautiful even in smoke bombs.

Gulzar with DJ and Dhol

Make arrangements for DJ and Dhol so that you can enjoy yourself with others during the Haldi function. They create a different atmosphere.

Have a special theme

It's also fun to decide on some themes for a turmeric function. Like yellow outfits for ladies to gents, flower jewelry for ladies, and funny badges for gents.

So with these ideas, you can make your turmeric ceremony memorable for others besides yourself.