Hairstyle tips: To make hair straight, take the help of these hair masks


Hair care: Most women want their hair to be straight and shiny. Some take the help of chemical products available in the market. But you can try these homemade hair masks. Know about them….

If the hair is straight and shiny, then they look very beautiful. This style can also be given to hair with home remedies. We tell you about some cheap and effective hair masks, which you can try.

Banana and Papaya: You can also take care of hair with the beneficial banana and papaya for health. Mash papaya and banana in a bowl. You can also use honey if you want. Apply the hair mask to the scalp and hair. It will also act as a kind of conditioner.

olive oil

Egg and Olive Oil: If you want to make your hair shiny, then it is advisable to apply an egg mask in it. Doubling benefits can be achieved by including olive oil in it. Beat the egg and add a spoonful of oil to it. After applying let it dry and then shampoo.

Coconut water and lemon: While coconut water will hydrate the hair, lemon will help in making them strong and shiny. Mix the juice of one lemon in coconut water in a bowl. Apply this mask to hair and scalp. Do this twice a week and you will see the difference.


Aloe Vera: This ingredient will not only make hair straight and shiny but also strong. Take aloe vera gel in a vessel and apply it slowly to the hair. Apply this aloe vera gel mask twice a week and see the difference.