Haircare Tips: - Use curry leaves to add volume to hair


If you have thick hair, then believe me you are very lucky. Unless the hair is thick, it does not look good. Herbs are very beneficial for hair. Be it Hibiscus or Rosemary. Similarly, do you know that the use of curry leaves in the hair keeps the hair thick as well as healthy? Anti-oxidants are found in curry leaves which work to make your hair strong. 

Make hair tonic

To add volume to the hair, you must keep the scalp clean. With the help of a hair tonic, you can make your hair thick. 

What do you want?

  • handful curry leaves
  • coconut oil

What to do?

  • Add half a cup of coconut oil to the pan. 
  • Now put a handful of curry leaves in it and cook it well. 
  • After some time the colour of the oil will start changing. 
  • Then turn off the gas and keep the oil cool. 
  • Now filter it in a clean bottle and keep it aside. 
  • Your homemade hair tonic is ready.

How to use it?

  • Massage well by applying this oil to the hair. 
  • Leave it on the hair for some time i.e. half an hour. 
  • Then wash your hair with shampoo.
  • Applying this oil 2-3 times a week will add volume to your hair.


  • Coconut oil contains fatty acids which will give a fuller look to your hair. 
  • Using curry leaves will keep your scalp clean. 

Benefits of applying curry leaves to hair

  • Nowadays, the colour of the hair has started turning white at an early age. Do you use dye to hide these grey hairs? Hair dye contains chemicals that damage the hair. You should use curry leaves to reduce the problem of white hair. 
  • Due to various styling products and shampoos, many times the colour of our hair starts getting dull. Vitamin B is found in curry leaves which helps in restoring hair colour.
  • The problem of hair fall has become very common. Sometimes it seems that there is no cure, but it is not so at all. You can reduce this problem with the help of herbs. If your hair is falling excessively then curry leaves will be beneficial. 
  • It is important to keep the scalp clean. Otherwise, the infection may occur. Due to a dirty scalp, the texture of the hair is also affected. You can wash your hair with curry leaves and water. It makes the scalp clean and healthy.

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