Hair care tips : How to protect hair from sun and sweat


Sodium found in sweat is harmful to hair, in the summer sun, dust and sweat can cause hair loss.

To get rid of excessive sweating and oily hair, it is not right to do frequent shampooing, due to the chemical of shampoo, the shine of the hair goes away and they become lifeless and start breaking.

Due to excessive sweating, dust and soil can stick to the hair, which can cause itching, and hair fall.

To get rid of dandruff and itching, mix 15 grams of black pepper powder and one teaspoon of raw milk in one and a half teaspoon of lemon juice, apply it on the hair, and wash it about half an hour before the bath.

Curd retains moisture by removing dryness, apply curd in your hair half an hour before bathing, then wash your head with plain water

Wash the hair at the right time, avoid frequent hair washing, shampoo only at an interval of 2 days, if you use a hair dryer to dry the hair, then stop, this can also cause hair to become dull

Regular hair massage increases blood flow, which will keep the hair strong, take a healthy diet and drink plenty of water to maintain the overall health of the hair.