Hair Oiling: Dear Girls! Despite oiling, hair problems do not go away, so understand what is the right way for proper oiling!


Hair oiling is considered very important to nourish the hair properly. Applying oil to the hair improves blood circulation in your scalp, which also strengthens your hair. Apart from this, hair oiling does not cause dryness in the hair, hair becomes shiny and healthy. The problem of dandruff, hair fall to lack of hair growth can also be overcome by oiling. Provided that you should know how to do hair oiling properly. From fungal infections to hair fall, split ends, etc., the problem of scalp increases during the monsoon season. In such a situation, it is very important to apply oil to the hair from time to time. If you do hair oiling, and still you have these problems, then understand that you do not know the right way of oiling. Know about it here.


5 important things related to hair oiling

1- Choose the right oil

Many times girls apply any oil to their hair, which is not right. You should choose the oil according to the need of the hair. If your hair is very dry then you can apply olive oil, almond oil, or sesame oil. Coconut oil is also considered good for normal hair. Warm the oil slightly before applying it. Massage the hair when it is lukewarm.

2- Do not use palms during massage

Do not use palms while massaging the hair. Do hair oiling with the help of fingers. The palms can damage the hair. Do not massage too vigorously, it can also break your hair. After massaging the scalp, apply oil to the ends of the hair. But do not rub the hair together while applying the oil.

3- Wrap with a towel

When oil is applied to your hair, squeeze the towel by putting it in hot water and wrap it in your hair. This opens the pores of the scalp and the oil gets absorbed. In this way, you get the full benefit of oiling.

4- Wash the hair after two hours

Wash the hair with a mild shampoo after about two hours after completing this process. Use hair conditioner after shampoo. Wrap the towel after washing the hair. Do not dry the hair by brushing or rubbing it. Avoid using the dryer as well. Let it dry naturally.


5- Apply hair serum

When your hair is slightly wet, apply hair serum to your hair. Repeat this process at least once or twice a week. Do not make the mistake of combing wet hair. By doing this, your hair will get the full benefit of oiling and all the problems related to hair will also be controlled.