Hair Fall Remedies: These home remedies will reduce the problem of hair fall to a great extent, know and try..


In today's time, whether men or women, the problem of hair loss definitely comes in front of everyone, which has become a very common thing. The problem is normal but its consequences can be very bad which can make you bald. If proper measures are not taken in time, things can get out of hand. In such a situation, you need some natural things in which the nutrients and properties present in it nourish your hair and strengthen it and get rid of the problem of loss. In this article, we are going to tell you the ways to stop hair fall. These home remedies can prove to be helpful in reducing your hair fall problem to a great extent.

# Mehndi and Mustard oil
If you are troubled by your falling hair, then you should use mustard oil in henna. For this, heat 250 grams of oil in a pan and add 60 grams of henna leaves to it. Lower the flame and turn off the flame after the leaves turn brown. Let it cool down. After this, filter the oil with a clean cloth and fill it in a glass bottle. Keep it on your scalp overnight and wash it off the next morning.


# Coconut milk
Essential fats, minerals and proteins are found in coconut milk. For this reason, it gives instant strength to your hair, reduces its fall and helps in growing new hair. For use, take coconut milk and add a few drops of water to it. Now apply this mixture on your head especially on the place where the hair is getting lighter or where the hair is flying fast. Leave this mixture on your scalp overnight and then wash your hair the next day. This will also start new hair growth on your head and will also condition your hair.