Hair Care Tips: Use this homemade shampoo to get relief from the problem of dandruff and falling hair!


* Prepare homemade shampoo in this way:

To prepare this shampoo at home, you first put a glass of water in a pan and after that when it becomes hot heat this water, then add all the ingredients in it and mix it well. 

After mixing, let the mixture boil well, as soon as your mixture is well made, keep it cool, and after it cools down, filter it in a glass bottle in this way you can use this homemade shampoo. Can be used on your hair.

* Benefits of this homemade shampoo:

Amla and reetha and shikakai, neem are used to make homemade shampoo. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties found in these are effective in controlling the pH level of our scalp. Apart from this, by using this shampoo, our hair becomes beautiful and shiny as well as strong and the problem of hair fall is also removed. Your hair also gets nourishment by using this shampoo.