Hair Care Tips: Use this homemade oil to get relief from the problem of graying and hair fall.


1. Use like this:

To get relief from hair problems, the use of coconut oil and neem leaves is considered very beneficial. To do this remedy, first, wash the fresh leaves of the day and hide them well, after that boil those leaves in coconut oil. Cook well. After this, a filter that oil and apply it well in your hair. You can adopt this remedy two to three times a week and you can see the difference in a few days. 

2. Benefits of coconut oil and neem leaves:

* The problem of hair loss will go away:

If you use a solution of coconut oil and neem leaves in your hair, then it goes deep into the roots of your hair and nourishes them, due to which your hair becomes stronger and thicker than before, and at the same time, your hair becomes white. also starts decreasing gradually.

* To remove dandruff:

It is seen in the winter season that the problem of dandruff in the hair is very common, in such a situation, you can use coconut oil and neem leaves in your hair and you can get relief from this problem to a great extent. The oil prepared from the mixture of these two things is full of antifungal and antibacterial properties, which removes the dirt and granny that accumulates on our scalp, due to which gets rid of the problem of dandruff in the hair.

Scalp infection will go away:

This oil is considered a panacea for people who have problems with scalp infections because this special oil made from coconut oil and neem leaves helps in eliminating scalp infections and improving blood circulation. By using this, the problem of irritation in your scalp is also removed.