Hair Care Tips: Use eggs and olive oil for hair, you will get many benefits!


To prepare this hair mask, first, you take an egg in a bowl, then add two to four spoons of olive oil to it, mix it well and keep it aside for some time. Again, with the help of a brush, apply it to the hair in the dream. Leave this hair mask on your hair for about half an hour, after which wash your hair with shampoo, and do not forget to use conditioner in the hair.

* The problem of hair fall will go away:

Hair fall problems can be reduced by using this hair mask. People who have the problem of dandruff in their heads. Later on, their hair starts falling. The antioxidants present in olive oil work to repair the hair and the protein present in the egg works to nourish the hair. Olive oil and egg mask can easily remove this stubborn problem present on your scalp.


* Dandruff problem will go away:

Dandruff in hair is a common problem. The dirt present in the air starts accumulating on your scalp which together with the moisture takes the form of dandruff. Due to this itching or rash also starts in the head and sometimes people have to be embarrassed. You can eliminate this hair problem from the root with a mask of egg and olive oil.