Hair Care Tips: To get rid of damaged hair try these 4 types of oil, know about them...


Hair Care: The hair which looks thick and shiny is usually called healthy. Just by looking at dry hair, it seems that there is a lack of moisture in them and it will start stinging when touched. In such a situation, it is necessary to adopt the right hair care routine. Hair oil also plays an important role in removing the dryness of hair. Oils remove many types of hair problems including hair breakage, and split ends, and improve the scalp. Know here which are the 4 hair oils that can be seen to improve hair.


4 Oils for Damaged Hair
Coconut oil

Coconut oil can be applied to improve hair. Grandmothers have been using coconut oil in their hair care routine for years, one of the main reasons is that this oil is natural and does not contain any kind of fragrance or color adulteration. It is best to apply coconut oil half an hour before the hair wash. Warm it lightly and massage it and then wash your head.

Jojoba oil
Jojoba oil can be applied to the hair to provide moisture and nourishment. Applying it on dry hair also helps in getting rid of frizz. Massage for some time by applying jojoba oil directly on the scalp and after keeping it on the head for about 20 minutes, do a hair wash. You will see a good effect.

Onion oil
Instead of buying Onion Oil from the market, you can make this oil at home as well. Onion oil is not only helpful in repairing damaged hair, but it also stops hair fall and helps in hair growth. To make this oil, grate an onion and squeeze its juice. Now heat coconut oil in a bowl and put onion juice in it after cooking for some time, take it off the flame. Onion oil is ready.


Olive oil
Olive oil also does not show any less effective in giving moisture to dry hair. This oil makes the hair soft and the properties of Vitamin E bring shine to the hair. Take one to 2 spoons of oil to apply it and wash your head after 15 minutes of massaging on the hair. Will get rid of damaged hair.